aMona® Mojo Picón

Based on his travel experiences and in memory of his beloved grandmother (amona in Basque), Chef Mikel de Luis developed his own recipe for the famous Canary Island condiment, Mojo Picon. Smoky and a touch spicy, this versatile condiment is wonderful paired with seafood, hummus, avocados, potatoes or as a dip for bread.

aMona® Romesco

Romesco is a traditional Catalonian sauce that originated in Tarragona, where fisherman have used it for centuries. At the arrival of Spring, this sauce becomes the ideal pairing for Calzotada, tender onion springs that mark the opening of the season.

This sauce has a high nutrient content and it is ideal for all kinds of fish, vegetables and white meat dishes. What makes aMona Romesco® stand out from other sauces, is that It contains nora pepper pulp (designation of origin).

The legacy that Catalonian cuisine has left in my culinary career makes this sauce an expression, and respect for this Spanish region.

aMona® Mojo Verde

The Canary Islands marked a before and after in my life. During my time there, Mojo Picón® came to life, but my childhood drove me to create a new sauce that features pepper as part of the ingredients –base of my culinary culture.

Fresh ingredients, spices and knowledge bring about a fresh sauce that is organic and nutritious. It is the ideal complement to any occasion.

aMona® Tximitxurri

This sauce born from emotions. My culinary senses are directly related to my childhood: aMona, wars and exile, and the difficulties that Spain went through in 1950 - which marked the history of Spain.

Several of my mother’s siblings emigrated to Argentina, which is why this sauce represents the love for those who left home in search for a new life. This recipe is based on ingredients that my relatives taught me, and my relationship with my homeland, The Basque Country.